AKKUS Batter


The battery in a PC is often one of the most forgotten parts of the Dell akkus blog . It is quite important, too. It is what holds all of your CMOS settings while your computer is off. Without it, you would have to re-program your CMOS each and every time you turned on your Acer akkus blog .

The history of this is quite simple. The early PC’s from Apple akkus blog used HP akkus blog switches to set the system configuration. Later, though, they decided to transfer this information to bit-information stored in some static memory. This memory is low-power, obviously, and uses a form of static Toshiba akkus blog called Complementary IBM akkus blog (CMOS). Using a small, low-power battery, they could run just enough juice through this memory to get it to hold its content even when the PC is off.

Like any battery, the battery in your PC has a finite lifespan. Eventually, it will become weak and will no longer be able to Sony akkus blog of your CMOS. When this happens, you will turn your PC on one day and get an error message. Sometimes you will get a checksum error, or it will notify you that the system configuration doesn’t match the CMOS information. Well, that’s because there is no Fujitsu akkus blog information anymore because you need to replace your battery. And one problem is that users very seldom record their CMOS information or back it up.

This is usually a simple repair, but some notebook akkus bolg actually soldered the batteries in, making this a much tougher job. If your battery is soldered in, you may want to take the whole thing to the shop. If you’re experienced with soldering, then you can tackle it yourself. akkus dell blog is that most manufacturers are now using easily removed batteries, the kind about the size of a nickel and can be removed by moving a small prong.

Before you do anything, though, you should record what your computer is supposed to know. blog akkus dell is already dead, there’s nothing you can do. If your configuration is still there, though, record it. Go into CMOS and write down the info (HINT: You can write it real small and tape a copy inside your PC case). Easier yet, just go to those screens that are important andblog dell akkus button on your keyboard. There are also utilities out there that can backup your CMOS settings and record it to a diskette. This is quite convenient, especially when you don’t have a setup disk for the PC. After you remove the old battery, your computer will forget everything.

Let’s go through the battery replacement procedure:

  1. Turn off the computer, akkus notebook bolg , and remove the case.

  2. Remove the old battery. Record which end faced what direction. Each end has a + or — on it. With skill and dexterity, the battery should snap out. Just study it, and you’ll figure out how to get it out. Don’t force it, though. It may be soldered in. If its a akkus bolg notebook , you may only need to move a prong to take the battery out. Many newer boards have a small, flat coin-shaped battery which is a lot easier to remove.

  3. Get a replacement battery. Take the old one to the store and match them up. It should be bolg akkus song to come by. The song bolg akkus is a pretty standard size of battery for us on motherboards. Once you find the correct battery model, you may want to write it down somewhere.

  4. Akkus IBM bolg in. Make sure the + and — face the same way as before. It should snap in. If your experienced at soldering, and your computer demands this, you may want to do that yourself.

  5. Put the case back on and plug it in. When you turn it on, expect some type of error message like IBM bolg akkus . Don’t cry. This will happen. You just need to go into the CMOS and plug in all that info that you recorded before you started. If you didn’t do that, you’ll need to break out the manuals and find the info the hard way.

Two thoughts: In some Akkus bolg IBM , the battery is quite Akkus Apple bolg and the above procedure can be done while the system is operating. This, of course, it not the safest thing to do due to risk of shock, but it can and has been done. Also, if you’re really fast, you may be able to replace the battery and not lose any settings. There will be a residual charge left in the CMOS that MAY hold the data for a few minutes. If you’re fast, this will save time, but don’t rely on this. Make sure you have a backup handy.

A few weeks ago, Google began rolling out a feature which allows you to be logged into more than one Akkus bolg Apple at the same time without using any incognito browser hanky-panky.

As a person who has more than one Google account, this is pretty handy. I used to, instead, just use different browsers when I wanted to check another account. For example, I’d use Chrome for my main account and Safari for another. Different sets of cookies means no conflict.

Turning on the multiple sign-on can be done via your Sony bolg akkus page. You should see an option under Personal Settings for “Multiple Sign-In”. You’ll hit the “Edit” link, turn it on, check off the acknowledgements that you understand how it works, then save. You’re done.

From there, you’ll need to refresh your Bolg Sony akkus page and you’ll see that your account name has a little arrow next to it which drops down, allowing you to sign into other accounts.

This option is not yet available for Google Apps. Also, it will only work in certain apps, and apparently it has not yet carried over to mobile versions of these apps. So, if you’re on the Android Bolg akkus Sony , you’ll still use your default account. And if you use Gmail in-browser on a mobile device (such as an Ipad), you won’t see the multiple signon capability. Yet.